Sharon Kennedy Vickers


From Cobbtown, Georgia, a very small town about 58 miles east of Savannah (It does not even have a traffic light). I was raised on a farm with my eleven siblings (I am the youngest, number 12, the baby). My mom was 46 and my dad was 50 when I was born. I now reside in Minnesota – love brought me here. My husband Charles received a fellowship for graduate school at the University of Minnesota in 1999, and we have been here since. We have two amazing daughters – Nandi & McCall.

My life purpose is to connect people to opportunities and to promote inclusion and equity– ensuring ALL people (especially marginalized groups) have access to economic and social well-being. I live on purpose by fusing my passions (people and culture) with my skills (technology and creating). I have an unwavering belief that society as a whole benefits when all individuals have the opportunity to be active participants in the global economy and to self-actualize.

Most of my professional life has centered on developing user-centered digital experiences and strategies, systems analysis, and product management. I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing talent and on some innovative projects at Georgia Institute of Technology, Emory University and the University of Minnesota –, and Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database. I served five years as Chief Information Officer for a national nonprofit established in 1964 to eliminate poverty. Currently, I am working as an IT Management Consultant for Trissential. In my current assignment, I am providing analysis and project management for the City of St. Paul, St. Paul Libraries, and St. Public Schools for their ConnectEd project where they will provide every St. Paul student and staff member with a library card. I love working on projects that have a social impact.

I founded a small enterprise called eCentric Solution. We build digital solutions that connect, empower and transform.


I live in the world of possibilities. People and ideas fascinate me. I excel at establishing strong collaborative relationships and creating high performing, collaborative teams and work environments. I am inspired when I engage in the co-creation process; I love bringing together the right team to dissect, attack, and ultimately uncover solutions – and simultaneously have fun!


I am inspired by the future and what could be, and love to inspire others with visions of the future. Faced with any given scenario, I enjoy uncovering the relevant patterns and issues, and creating alternative ways to proceed. I am not afraid to take the lead, and driven by a desire to learn and to continuously improve. When given the opportunity to map strategies to advance a mission-driven focus, build and empower strong teams, drive organizational initiatives, and coach and develop leadership talent, I thrive!

I love history and culture (people, music and literature). Exploring history and cultures allows me to discover ideas that can inform and create the future. I am equally passionate about equity- EVERYONE having equal access to opportunities.

I have strong desire to create pathways for people of color to enter and thrive in the field I have grown to love – technology. I want to be at the forefront of effecting positive change, and relentlessly pursuing creative strategies for positive social impact – with a primary focus on marginalized communities and gap-closing endeavors.

My impact is creating access to opportunity through the promotion of inclusion, equity, and the effective use of technology.

I Connect. I Empower. I Transform.

sharon kennedy vickers

Tech Leader with a genuine enthusiasm for solving challenges through technical innovation - always envisioning the bigger picture.

I thrive on challenges that make me step up to the plate as a leader. I work best in a collaborative settings alongside other 'creatives'.